The wonderful @mattmcgorry was on TYT today and we were all smiles. Members can check out Hour 2 and The Conversation to hear about how this beautiful human is keeping busy. ๐Ÿ“ธ: @cassandrahanks @theyoungturks theyoungturks The Young Turks

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ithink2mm - michael morris 1 week ago

2. Question... What would the US be like today if no foreigners were allowed to come here in the past 50 years?

ithink2mm - michael morris 1 week ago

Hey you guys!!! 2 ideas... What if you surveyed 500 companies and asked " What has Trump done to build your sales in the past 2 years?"

msgrapiepoo - Gayla 1 week ago

I love that lgbtqia issues are getting coverage on the show! Are the tragedies in Sudan going to be featured any time soon??