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sharp2384 - Seth Harper 8 months ago

Frank, you have no bigger fan than me, brother, but it's time to hang it up buddy. As a fan, I don't enjoy seeing you get beat up by far less talented men every fight lately. As much as I enjoyed seeing you break big nogs arm, and knock Todd out cold, these losses are worse. Congrats on a long, great career! Do commentary brother!

johnny_antics - 8 months ago

Frank my man you are a legend and have nothing left to prove inside that gage brother. You're very intelligent fight game analyst and awesome on camera. I'm sure a lot of people tell you that you should focus your out of ring skill sets on coaching and in front of the camera more because you are a natural at it. You are a legend regardless and I wish you all the best.

bayshark209 - Daniel Garcia 8 months ago

Your still a legend in mma and a underdog with your comeback story. Not many men could come back from what you went through.

_gee28 - _gee28 8 months ago

But your a winner in life Frank which is more important 💪🏾💪🏾🙏🏾 but it’s time to pass on the knowledge