Day 2 of #E32019 is officially over and our @FinalFantasyVII Remake Turks are happy to have reported zero incidents by AVALANCHE, but much more excitement for tomorrow's final day! #SquareEnixE3 #FF7R @squareenix squareenix Square Enix

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andreserafim1 - André Serafim 1 week ago

Please keep the battle system as complex and challenging as the original 🙏😭 or else we’ll have another cool but not memorable game

mr.jonathan.34 - jonathan 1 week ago

Grab the legs lift grab the arms push down no anger no shake just firm grip push all the way to the end of tensile strength and then make them feel helpless and then threaten them with a life of helpless safety without chance of rape or attack or harm or argument and then carry their helpless screaming begging self to a transport where they will be treated like a cute dog that lost them 50 bucks in a dog race.

mr.jonathan.34 - jonathan 1 week ago

Now how angry and invincible and aggressive do they feel. I'll tell you how I dealt with it once they all realize how fucked they are for perpetuating evil without their own mortality ever being realized because fear is about 70 eq. PLe is about 115 eq. Throwing up in fear is about 160 eq reality becoming real and every thing scaring your soul out of you is 200 eq

khking55 - Ryan Lambert 1 week ago

I'm happy that this is happening for us fans but i just can't support this episodic idea, especially after ffxv, I will bite when the game is a complete package like it should be.

charlie_raines777 - Charlie Raines 1 week ago

my fav version of Final Fantasy VII was Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core for the PSP. I remember when I was 5 I stayed up 6 nights in a row constantly playing crisis core. I would always grind first and then I beat the game. and sadly my PSP broke. and here I am. 13 years old, selling Raspberry Pi's with 13 emulators and 7000 roms, I have Game & Watch, NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Virtual Boy, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Atari 2600, Arcade, Commodore 64, MS-DOS, PlayStation 1, And Playstation 2. If your wondering how I did it because Emuparadise shut down, before it shut down I was up for 4 nights in a row on Emuparadise downloading all the ROM and ISO packages that they have for each game system that include every single ROM or ISO file in one Huge .ZIP file and I just grabbed the same file and copied it to all 40 Micro SD Cards and Unzipped them inside the SD Cards. Then i installed RetroArch on all the SD Cards. Then I bought 40 Raspberry Pi 3's and put the SD Cards in them, Hooked up my PS4 Controller, Installed all the Emulators Directly to the Raspberry Pi. And sold them.

nuno.rafael - Nuno Rafael 3 days ago

Try to do a remake of Final Fantasy Crisis Core to pc/ ps4 and Xbox , it was a great game and new people could understand the events in FF 7