The sad story of most old houses in Madeira, abandoned and owned by a multitude of people who inherited them, who don’t talk with each other. I look at this house and I imagine what it could be. . . . . . #madeira #portugal #fujifilmxpt #fujifilmxt3 #shooters_pt #discoverearth #artofvisuals #roam #roamtheplanet #travel #explore #historical #traditional #estouaquipúblico #p3top #portugalcomefeitos @fujifilmxpt @lightroom @shooters_pt @discoverearth @roam @publicop3 @portugalcomefeitos @fujifilm_global @remote.tiago remote.tiago Tiagø Vieira

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nuraluralura - Nora Aislinn 2 weeks ago

Same situation with my property there... The laws are outdated and should be more modern where you can disinherit your “heirs”. Beautiful house. Would be stunning renovated.

febe.m.r - Febe 1 week ago

It's exactly my experience from Madeira. So many beautiful abandoned houses. How can people met this happen? Why not make a deal with each other or buy each other out so at least someone can live in it or renovate the place. Honor the family that used to live there and who loved that house.. Made memories there.. It's so sad to see so many houses in this kind of state while many people would like to make it happy, beautiful, living places again.