Y’all #Fencebae gave his little number today to Katy. Mother is a tinge heartbroken that she can’t call him. @labryantfriend said you will see him tomorrow at school 😂😂. #parentingdaughters #opencommunication #familyaffair #family&Friends @phinekafriend phinekafriend Phineka Friend

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tddennard - TisaDennard 3 days ago

I am slick following this #FenceBae storyline like it’s the new season of Game of Thrones...I’m talm bout tuned in 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 you HEAH. Now what is tomorrow’s episode finna be..????

artency_jean - 3 days ago

I absolutely adore this... Thanks for helping me bc I have a 10yr daughter and this is the type of relationship I’m trying to have with my babies. I didn’t have that growing up. I respect this on a greater level..

thopkins83 - Tracy-Ann Hopkins 3 days ago

This is tooooo funny and cute. I wish my parents were as open as you guys are. It would have saved me ALOT 🙄 of trouble.