📸@happy__mumma It’s a happy mail day today! I received my @lovebritishlifestyle Jane Austen box and I ❤️ it all! . Gifts by @growbaruk and @jane_austen_centre_bath 🤗 #TopTrumps #JaneAusten #quaintlyuk #lovebritishlifestyle #MrKnightley #MrTilney #MrDarcy #CaptainWentworth @lovebritishlifestyle lovebritishlifestyle Lovebritishlifestyle

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gladiatorslady - 🏒🍍Michelle🍍🏒 1 week ago

I got my box (and my Bath box) and LOVE them!!! A wee bit heartbroken I didnt get the Tote pictured here 😢😢😢😢😢 Its sometimes difficult for us American Austen fans to get such wonderfully authentic items, thank you for shipping to "my island" 😊😊