I speak English and Russian 😊! How many languages do you speak 😉? @karolina_protsenko karolina_protsenko Karolina Protsenko

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swetitelka - 1 week ago

Большой привет из Москвы🌹. Потрясающая, талантливая, красивая и просто замечательная умница-ты. Спасибо за твой талант и творчество🎉

grace_szy - Grace 1 week ago

I can speak a little bit of Italian, and i can speak French, English,Japanese,Korean,Malay and Chinese.

_savage330 - Toxic _Savage33 1 week ago

You are sooo Beautiful I love your music covers Karolina Keep it up and show the world The wonderful light that u shine every day😊😍😎❤️

infrunez - INF RunezYT 1 week ago

I speak English, Russian, Spanish, and French! I haven’t been keeping up to date on your photos or videos because I’ve been in the hospital for about 2 weeks.

antoniosuarezmoreno - LOA 1 week ago

I speak Spanish, a little English and universal language, music! the one that you do so well and with which I am sure we would understand each other perfectly! who knows !?!? Keep inspiring with everything you do, greetings from Spain