Wow typical mainstream media’s unrealistic standards of traditional BMI @dontdrinkbeers dontdrinkbeers

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3ajp - Adam 1 week ago

This is the ideal make body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

thebestjoshjensen - BEBCØ 1 week ago

My long game is to stay in shape. In 10 years, all the haze bois will be dead or on dialysis, and then I can afford Monkish beers. 🤞

maxallotment - MaxAllotment 1 week ago

Whoa whoa whoa! Where is the guy who always wears a brewery shirt to every release like it's Gucci? 😂😂 Seriously, I wonder how many guys wear brewery shirts (Monkish, Other Half, Treehouse, etc) just to impress other guys. If they only put that effort to cover their B.O. they might get a date here and there 😂😂😂

ahumbledrinker - Trevor Cope 1 week ago

Are you kidding me? What kind of BS is this? Those jackets don’t take my incredibly high metabolism into account I need a t-shirt with armpit holes, preferably with an anime waifu on it you casul