What’s been your biggest struggle & breakthrough in trading? 💭 @asmbt89 asmbt89 Ash ⚡️

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rdhfx - Ryan 6 days ago

Biggest struggle has been getting into a mindset of thinking in probabilities and accepting that I have no control over the outcome 😣 Now I bank 1000+ pips a day and sell signals to people all over the world. Join my team 😉

saulmorillo - Saul morillo 1 week ago

Patient and right mental mindset, too greedy you will take the wrong trades, too pessimistic and you will freeze and not take the right trade

ethan_jaycol - Ethan J Colbeck 1 week ago

Learning to be patient, not just as a trader, but where I am now. My flat, my town, job, lifestyle.. All takes time to improve and you gotta learn to just be happy whilst focusing on the progression.. First 9 months of falcon I hated my situation and so my results really suffered.

scott.r88 - Scott Rear 1 week ago

Trying to rush trades and have the mentality that I have to find one whenever I open the charts rather than waiting for a trade to come to me. Still struggle with it every now and again but I’ve found backtesting’s helped.

jaymustafa_ - 1 week ago

Adding to a loss due to emotional decisions. The fear of being stopped out unluckily on a winning trade

itsmashh - مش 1 week ago

Biggest struggle was thinking like its a get rich quick scheme biggest breakthrough was when I understood the concept of the abundance of opportunities 🚀